Pathway Back to Power

LaToia’s Platform

State and County Parties

  • Establish listening sessions with Democratic voters, activists, and community leaders
  • Expand fundraising and polling/research support for State Parties to gain understanding on the new electorate
  • Promote active engagement with County Parties and County organizations
  • Expand work with our Allied and constituency groups nationally and connect them to activists in the states

  • Multi-cycle Engagement

  • Maintaining presidential cycle momentum during midterm and off-cycle elections. Specifically, increasing support for local races and bolstering voter education, engagement, and protection programs.
  • Maintain momentum and support during midterm elections and off-cycle local races
  • Early voter education around registering to vote and legal rights at polling places
  • Voter engagement around the importance of midterm elections
  • Assist with updating voter rolls, to ensure better outreach and coordination
  • Build strong precinct captain programs and volunteer lists for effective phone banking, canvassing, and GOTV efforts

  • Redistricting

    I enthusiastically support Attorney General Eric Holder and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee efforts on redistricting reform and turning state legislative chambers blue.

  • Target seats ahead of 2020 redistricting maps
  • Coordinate efforts with State Parties, Party Committees, and Allies around redistricting
  • Create a plan to expand Democratic control of elected offices and state houses through 2030

  • Pipeline 2050

    Empowering current elected officials to seek higher office and to lift as they climb with the next generation of activists, campaign staff, and progressive leaders. Through expansion of youth and low-dollar donor bases and in collaboration with the Democratic Party Committees and Community, we can unite our resources and create a pipeline of talent from existing and new leaders.

  • Train current electeds to run for higher office
  • Targeted effort to examine seats at the local level and state level (county commission, city council, school board)
  • Expand training on college campuses and with progressive youth organizations
  • Partner with progressive training organizations
  • Create a collaboration table between the DNC, DCCC, DSCC, DGA, DLCC, DMO to build on a unified front dividing and conquering and creating a pipeline of talent from the ground up

  • Blue Activist Training Center

    Working collaboratively across the Democratic Party Committees and Community to ensure 24/7/365 open channels to tools and leadership for democratic activists. Namely, professional development trainings, in the areas of: media, organizing, canvassing and fundraising.

  • 24/7/365 access to tools for Democratic activists
  • Provide webinars maximizing phone banking, canvassing, fundraising, media outreach
  • Interactive session with key party leaders, elected officials about their work and support of the Democratic Party

  • Prepare for the 2020 Democratic National Convention

  • Initiate early outreach regarding the delegate selection process
  • Assist state and county parties with outreach to communities to ensure diversity among delegates
  • Share regular updates on the work of the Convention Site Selection Committee
  • Stream Rules and Bylaws Committee meetings during review of delegate selection rules
  • Coordinate regular updates from the DNC and Democratic Convention to delegates and Party activists