The Road to Atlanta

Thank you!

As I sprint towards the finish line I want to let you know this has been an amazing experience. Talking to each of you and hearing your passion for our Party has given me renewed faith in the direction we are going.

This weekend, I will head home to Atlanta, Georgia, for the DNC Meeting and Election. I am incredibly excited that new leadership of our Party will be elected in the state where my political involvement started. I am excited once more, that we are going to a state that is often overlooked by our party.

As I have mentioned before, the Democratic Party is not broken, it is evolving — and our future is bright! In the next few days, you will hear more from me and my supporters about why they are voting for me.

I have proudly earned the endorsements of key members and organizations from 28 states and territories, and in this final stretch I look to gain more support.

I’ll see you in Atlanta!

In Service,