Georgia-raised and Chicago-born, LaToia A. Jones's purpose and drive have always been to be the most effective public servant possible -- in most cases, this meant behind-the-scenes roles and learning from impactful servant leaders.

14 years later, it is clear, more than ever, that the best application of her lessons and skills call her to step into a more prominent role.


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“I believed politics, at its best, was a way to empower people, and a way to bring people together that are fighting for the same causes... 14 years later, I still believe that.”


Multi-cycle Engagement

Maintaining presidential cycle momentum during midterm and off-cycle elections. Specifically, increasing support for local races and bolstering voter education, engagement, and protection programs.

Pipeline 2050

Empowering current elected officials to seek higher office and to lift as they climb with the next generation of activists, campaign staff, and progressive leaders. Through expansion of youth and low-dollar donor bases and in collaboration with the Democratic Party Committees and Community, we can unite our resources and create a pipeline of talent from existing and new leaders.

Blue Activist Training Center

Working collaboratively across the Democratic Party Committees to ensure 24/7/365 open channels to tools and leadership for democratic activists. Namely, professional development trainings in the areas of: media, organizing, canvassing and fundraising.

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